VSPR’s vaporizer and exclusive line of cartridges are a modern classic, using the latest in modern vaporizing technology. The distillate cartridges are formulated with strain specific terpenes to maximize strain specific entourage effects and the distinctive tastes that come along with them. A much less harmful alternative to smoking, the vapor inhaled is virtually free of toxins and carcinogenic residue and easier on the lungs. Nor does it create second-hand smoke. VSPR cartridges come in four flavors: Banana Kush, a sweet, tropical-banana profile, great for stress release, Blue Dream, with a berry aroma, considered to be a great daytime strain, especially for pain, depression and nausea. 
Grandaddy Purple for high levels of euphoria and relaxation with a strong and complex grape aroma, and last but not least Headband, a hybrid strain with strong lemon taste and a smooth, creamy smoke.

Client  |  Integrative Health Products
Year  |  2018
Agency  |  Peak64
Art Direction  |  Todd Fleming
Logo  |  Todd Fleming
Packaging Design  |  Eszter Czajkowski-Nyári​​​​​​​
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